If you have never used a “Monitor” before to track sneaker releases then you’re likely missing out on one of the most helpful but simple features available to you. Shopping for sneakers or clothing online will never be the same again once you use our monitors. 

What does it do?

Our Sneaker Monitor tracks over 40+ websites worldwide for updates to their stores inventory. If a shoe is restocked, the monitor will detect it instantly and post an update to our Sole Savy Slack. If a site releases a new product that is not yet visible on their website, our monitor will find the product right away before a human does and it will post it in our Sole Savy Slack. If SNKRS app releases new product, you will be the first to know about it!

This eliminates the need to refresh a page waiting for a shoe to release. The monitor will find it for you as quickly as any bot can. This is a key advantage you can create for yourself when shopping online.

What sites do you monitor?

We currently monitor over 60+ stores worldwide such as Livestock, Haven, NRML, Capsule, Less17, Exclucity, KITH, Bodega, Blends, Hanon, Yeezy Supply, UNDFTD and many more.

We also monitor SSENSE and SNKRS for new product launches. If Nike does a surprise release of a shoe on SNKRS then you will be the first to find out about it with our monitor.

Do you have any examples?

In the two photos below you will see that our monitor instantly provided links to purchase the Travis Scott AF1 on KITH and it also notified members of the surprise Nike x Off-White release on SNKRS.

Monitors help you check out FASTER!

Most websites that we monitor offer an “add to cart” link in the update. This direct link for your size (pictured to the left on desktop, below on mobile) allows you to click on the size of your choice and it will automatically add that shoe to your cart for check out. If you combine this with our Shopify check out guide (members only) you can speed up your check out speed online to greatly increase your chances of succeeding to purchase shoes.

Want to try it? Click the link below and you will see that you are directly taken to purchase a size 9.5 of this Nike Air Max 98 at KITH.

Test Add To Cart Link

Clicking this link saved you the very valuable time of refreshing the website, finding the shoe, clicking the page and waiting for it to load, picking your size, adding your size to cart and going to your check out page. All of those steps are eliminated with one single click of your size in our monitor!

For websites the offer Apple Pay, Livestock is an example, you can click the size link to purchase and check out very fast because all your information for shipping, billing and payment is pre-loaded.

Important things to know

  • Notifications are available for all of our monitors. If there is an update you can choose to have a notification sent to your phone, computer or web browser. You are responsible for customizing your notification preferences properly.
  • This service is NOT illegal in any way and is fully compliant with all of the terms of service of all the websites we monitor. It is something that is allowed to be done so take advantage of it!
  • This is the same method bots use to find product on a website. The only way to compete with a bot is to have the link as soon as they do.
  • You can only use our Monitors if you sign up for a free account on Slack and join our community (available on iPhone, Android, Web and Mac/PC). Without Slack you can not use them. Slack access is included in all memberships but the specific Monitor sections are for Tier Zero members only.
  • The Monitors will be most useful for many of our members during releases as you know when to roughly expect a shoe.
  • Restocks generally happen at random times and are unplanned. You are likely to miss out on restocks if you do not check your phone or computer often.
  • Our pricing is competitive and some of the cheapest on the market. Other monitor services can cost nearly $100 USD per month.