How you shop for sneakers has changed.

In todays sneaker market there is far too many systems in place that look to exploit consumers into spending unnecessary sums of money to acquire the sneakers they want. Our goal is to change that by creating a community of likeminded individuals that Sole Savy can support and assist in as many ways as possible.

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What do you get as a member?

Weekly Giveaways

$200+ in weekly prizes for members only.

Access to Quickstrikes

Members only access to sold out sneakers for retail prices. From full-size runs to single sizes, we never resell sneakers.

Exclusive Discounts & Sales

Coupons and discounts for members to save money.

Dedicated Support

One-on-one support and chat for all members. Ask us anything!

Exclusive Guides

Tips, tricks and guides that will make shopping online easier.

Sneaker Monitor

Members who upgrade to our Tier Zero Plan have access to our sneaker monitor for Shopify sites, SNKRS and SSENSE.

Exclusive Links

Early links to releases, links to restocks and more.

Private Slack Group

Access to our members only slack group for discussion, links, tips and live support during releases.

Membership Plans

We offer two monthly membership plans. Our Tier Zero plan includes a Sneaker Monitor and everything that comes with our Essentials Plan membership pricing. Yearly membership options include one month free and a special edition membership card!

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We're as passionate about sneakers as you are.


Sold out sneakers sold for retail to members.


Saved by members who didn't have to pay for resell.

Over 20 years of experience in sneakers.

Sole Savy's co-founders have over 20+ years of experience in the sneaker industry, both in retail and online.

Dedicated one-on-one customer support.

Our team is here to help you with any questions you may have when it comes to sneakers. Never hesitate to ask us anything!

Expertise you can only find here

Our connections and experience in sneakers allows us to have insider knowledge and information that's only available to our members.

We're Here For You

Unlike other websites, our goal is not to get more clicks to earn ad revenue, or shill you affiliate links and products to earn sales. We're a strictly members funded website that is here to work for you!

Previous Quickstrikes

Not a member yet? Take a look and see what type of quickstrike releases you've missed out on. All sneakers were offered to members for retail pricing!